Tuesday, November 22, 2011

34 weeks and NOT contracting

So far this week during my non stress test and I was in good shape. I showed NO signs of contractions and baby girl was happy and kicking. I haven't been feeling many contractions either...maybe just a few braxton hicks. However, she is right in my rib cage so every kick or punch is like a dagger to my side! As long as she is happy though....we are all happy!

Her room is finally falling in place. The paint is on the walls and I can see progress. On the agenda for the weekend is putting her bed together and then all the rest of the details will fall in place.

Almost all my Christmas decorations are up (minus the GIANT tree and only because I can't drag it in alone) and they make me smile when I walk in my house. Thanksgiving weekend is a busy time with all my family together under one roof so I needed to have my Christmas in place already. I am sooo happy to have the family all together. We will bake, eat, play games,......eat, eat, play games. We do NOT plan on shopping this weekend. I enjoy it but this starting the NIGHT of Thanksgiving is just rude. I mean, let people enjoy their Thanksgiving before they head out to shop.

So from our table to yours....gobble gobble!! Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday!