Tuesday, November 1, 2011

31 weeks and a not so Happy Halloween...

I wish I had adorable pictures to show you in this post of Tucker at Halloween...but the truth is, he is kinda sick with a virus and he was having NO dressing up for Halloween. Yep, he told me over and over that he    " NO dress up momma". So we threw on cowboy hats, boots and off we went to visit family. We gathered more than enough candy at the grandma's house to last months so really there was no need to trick or treat.
I wasn't focused much on Halloween anyways but instead of getting him to feel better. He has ran fever since Friday and I be dang if I will LET him be sick again for another birthday. His second bday party is this Saturday and last years birthday was a disaster b/c the flu struck EVERYONE at once and this year I will not have anybody sick. I have been praying to keep us all well for a week :). The party is football themed and I can't wait to show you how it turns out.....

Meantime, me and baby girl are just growing along. I am still feeling good for 31 weeks. I mean yes its hard to bend over all the time but other than that I feel much better than I did with Tucker at this point. I am not as swollen as I was with Tucker so far. My feet still look kinda normal and my wedding rings are still on. wooohoo. After my appointment next week I will go to the doctor every week for 7 weeks. YES,...I am dreading that part. I have to do non-stress test every week until baby girl makes her arrival. With Tucker I had some blood pressure issues at the end so we are keeping on top of everything this time.
I am not having weird cravings or anything unusual...just as long as you feed me I am happy.
Oh I guess I need to post a picture soon.

Wish us luck this weekend for a successful bday party...we are having another big blow out since his first was a disaster. And also, Tucker's pony who we have all come to love very much was in an incident Sunday and is very hurt. YES, we pray for our animals...they are like family. And maybe you could do the same


Amy said...

boo, poor tucker! I hope he's feeling better soon! I can't believe you are getting so close! Yipeee! I bet it is all exciting ;)

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