Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More tidbits

*have I really not shown a picture of beautiful Saylor Kate yet???? Well I will do that....tomorrow

*speaking of Saylor. She is still having some belly issues or colic issues. They say it peaks at 6 weeks and then gets better. This household sure does hope that happens fast fast. Any advise????

*Tucker is still a wonderful big brother. He loves on Saylor and is very gentle with her. Actually at times he barely knows she is around. He is such a sweet boy even at the age of 2. I mean we have moments but for the most part he is great. His life spperently hasnt chsnged any to regress.

*I went to my work yesterday for the first time. Can't say I miss it yet. I was actually suprised and a little upset because I thought they might check on me or Saylor at some point. You know just a text, but just one of them has (she is a good friend). I thought maybe the other was a friend too. Oh well I am sure they were busy while I was you know having s CHIlD and all.

* this weekend we have our first night out with some great friends. We are excited and since Saylor has been a little fussy it is much needed.

* we are supposed to travel in a week.....I sure hope Saylor is in a great mood by then. Haha

* I am trying to eat better/diet.....it's really hard to do with brownies staring at me.

* people keep bringing up valentines day. Me and nate have never really gotten the hype of it. We don't spend money on gifts and usually it's nothing too special. I mean we share special times as often as we can.....we don't need one day. Now days its more about the kids

*saying "kids" is still soooooooo weird.