Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here are some things on my mind lately and updates......

Saylor Kate has some really good days and some cranky days. Mostly the reflux bothers her but she still sleeps 6 to 7 hours a time at night....so I can't complain much. She is still a blessing even with bad days.

I always try to tell new moms how great they look. I mean they have just birthed a baby and it's hard to feel good about yourself afterwards. I am so suprised at how many women don't say that I mean I of course don't feel good about how I look right now....who does after 4 weeks but it's just shocking that people don't say it. However I had a friend visit last Friday and the first thing she said as she walked in the door is "you look great". She made my day:) so the point of this.....let new moms know how great they are too!!!!

Tucker is an incredible big brother. I am so blessed with how he acts. We have a good boy on our hands!!!!

I am beginning to go stir crazy from always being in the house. But we have some exciting things coming up This weekend I am throwing a baby shower for a cousin and can't wait to see some family. Then the next weekend nate and I are going to enjoy our first night out!!!!!! Dancing,dinner and drinks. Woohoo

Talking about stir crazy....every where you look someone is sick with the flu or strep and I am totally paranoid so Saylor doesn't go to public places. Maybe in a couple weeks but I am still a germ freak with her

3 weeks and we are goiong south to see my sis,bro and niece and nephews. Can't even contain myself. oh and it will be mardi gras.......how exciting

I am trying to eat better and shed this weight. But I have to remind myself my body is still swollen and outta wack. Then I eat a brownie and feel better. Hahaha. These 20 lbs will just fall off I am sure. A girl can dream!!!!

4 weeks and I am back at work. Gag


Alicia said...

Love your baby girl's name, precious!

And I completely agree, having someone tell you that you look great after having a baby is really an awesome feeling!

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