Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Here it is folks, some real confessions. Having 2 kids 2 and under, working full time, doing my own housework, running all errands, and trying to STILL have a social life can sometimes get the best of us. This is where confessions come in. These are my own secrets...that I will share with you b/c I am honest. This blog isn't to make me sound like I have it all figured out, like I am Martha Stewart  or like I have a highlighted schedule on my refridgerator. I am organized, I have OCD, but some times you just throw in the towel and you do whatever WORKS!!! We all need sleep and we all need happiness so sometimes its best to pick your battles.

1. I would like to say that my kids are always clean and presented well. Most the time they are....then there are those nights when its 8:30 and NOBODY has eaten or had a bath. So instead of making Tucker throw a fit, I grab some baby wipes and clean him up and put a clean shirt on him and send him to bed. Yes, I am sure baby wipes dont do the job...but his face is clean at least for the next day

2. Speaking of baby wipes.....if someone is coming over in the next 15 minutes and my floors are sticky and not to mention the things in my bathroom...I grab the wipes. I can spot clean a floor and deep clean a bathroom in 5 minutes flat. YEP, it might smell like pampers but at least my toilets are cleaner than they were.

3. Lets NOT even get me started on dinner most nights. I cook 4 or so nights out of the week. (and some of these cooking nights are frozen...ok a lot of them) Sometimes after getting home at 530 and running errands or playing outside there is no time for cooking. Tucker usually picks cold hot dogs and fruit snacks. Thats what he eats a couple nights a week.

4. A lot of nights I drink my dinner...keep the cold hot dogs..I will have something cold for dinner but not a hot dog.

5. laundry is an endless battle..most times I am digging things out of baskets

6. My carpet does NOT get swept enough. I am not even kidding ya'll...there could be stuff living in there and I wouldn't know.  Tucker hates the vacuum so I pick my battles and DON"T use it.

7. Did I mention I drink my dinner a lot....oh I did. Ok

8. Crib sheets are really really hard to change and I can't do it alone.....enough said

9. Saylor Kate is a spitting baby...as was Tucker. Therefor, whatever is in arms reach when she spits is what I use to clean her up.....jacket sleeve...stuffed animal...u get the picture

10. My poor poor car...u would think we live there, I feel like we do. There are dirty diapers at times LOST in my car. I find them usually in a couple days after we have to ride with the windows down to school.

11. McDonald's is our best friends. Tucker says "chicken, fries and tea please" when we pull up.

12. Sometimes I want to go to work on Monday....

13. I let the dog in our house to lick the floor clean after a red sauce night....its the only vacuum that Tucker likes

14. If you put mine and Nathan's legs together...you wouldn't be able to tell who's is who's. I have like 10 seconds to shower and ...well...you know 

15. I sometimes get a dish out of the cabinet and realize it hadn't been washed?? I am tired a lot

I will stop there...some of you have probably thrown up in your mouth. Well...its real life here in the hay. I have sooo much more on my list, but as we speak the dog is in the house and chewing on a toy that later one of the kids will chew on


Sarah Kueffer said...

I can't relate to everything (we don't have a dog), but it is nice to know that there are other moms out there who do untraditional things to keep their sanity and aren't afraid to admit it!

~Sarah (Nathan's cousin)

Amy said...

ha, i have to laugh because there are many nights when there are not baths in our house either, either he's just refusing to get in and I don't have the energy to pick battles or i just dont' have time!

ha, if we had a dog, that would the be only vaccum brady would like too!

janzi said...

How very amusing to see it written down like that, but I'm sure there are times when you feel like screaming too! When I was with my five, I knew that if I gave in and started screaming I would not have stopped, so I kept a lid on it, did the things I could and did the rest when they were asleep, which is how most mums manage... no one tells you how like a zombie you will feel after sleepless nights with a baby that won't stop crying no matter what you do or a todller demanding attention at the same time... its a conspiracy to let the mothers find out all on their own.!!!.. I am sure you are so good at it, despite it getting overwhelming, you are doing something right, those children of yours look gorgeous and happy and clean.. so stop beating yourself up and relax.. theres always tomorrow!! hugs from across the pond J

leaves of my tree said...

Oh I have SO been there! We do cloth diapers but disposable wipes are my best friend. I try to always have a pack on hand. And the shaving thing, well, I'm just glad to hear someone else is in the same boat. LOL.

Jin said...

Shave your legs and ask your mom to help with the house. The rest is fine and normal!

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James Pereira said...

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Casey Sean Harmon said...

Wow...well said! My wife and I have a baby on the way (our first!) and I'm sure we'll be able to relate to what you are saying... Thanks for sharing! CSH

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