Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things around my house

* Two kids is harder than ONE....some people think not I think so! Ecspeically at the ages mine are. It isn't a lot harder at home, actually we are just fine at home and at other peoples houses...but I am soooo used to just picking up and going and I can't do that anymore. I am used to going to church at different times than my husband, NOT with both kids. Target, the grocery store, etc I can't pick up and go like I used to. It will get easier...but its for sure different.

* Saylor is loving her preschool. The teachers are sooo good to her. She is sleeping...wait for this...11-12 hours straight a NIGHT!!! OMG, I probably just jinxed it but for the past week she has slept 11-12 hours a night straight.

* Both my kids have thrown up or spit up some of their milk. Saylor is doing the same so I am weighing her bottles down with lots of good ol' rice. She loves it, it satisfies her and this is probably why she sleeps soooo long at night

* Sometimes you change 8-12 dirty diapers a day. I feel like its my job and I should be making money for this

* I barely make dinner for my family. I hate to say it but lately its eat what you can find or something frozen. After work I want to play with my kids outside and then before I know it its time for bath and bed. Last night, Tucker wanted a cold hotdog...thats what he got. :(

* Sometimes when you are married to a GREAT man like mine (but that works to hard and too long) ( I know some of your girls reading this will understand b/c I swear our men all drink the same water and are the same person) you are a single mother a lot!!!!  I can't stress  A LOT enough, and summer only gets worse with being alone. I look forward to summer, but then again I see my husband more in winter months. Dont' get me wrong, he tries to help a lot, he just isnt home as much as we would like him to be :(

* I couldn't ask for a better big brother than Tucker!! He is wonderful but lately he has learned how to throw screaming fits? Terrible twos I believe

* We are also trying to potty train Tucker, he does great at school but I forget to take him.


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