Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I am not even sure what month we are in.....summer if flying by. The last time I slept more than 8 hour was 3 years ago and my brain is a little groggy.
Our weekends are full of weddings, family functions and the normal hectic routine....but we are trying to enjoy every minute of it.
*Saylor is trying to get teeth.....trying..I say this because some nights its a bit crazy at our house. She is doing soooo much more everyday though. She is babbling all the time...walking in her walker...playing with toys...and eating some veggies. She is still a little bitty thing weighing in at 14.8lbs, but very strong for her size.
* Tucker is cracking us up more and more everyday. He is repeating us and talking to strangers about the funniest things. We really have to be careful what we say and who we say it about now days...he could get us in trouble.
* I think our first free weekend is in can summer be soooo busy??
* A date night would be ideal with my husband about any day...but we can't seem to even fit that in.
* Potty training Tucker is a JOB!! I should be getting paid. He is smart enough to do it (from me) but stubborn enough NOT to do it (from his dad)
* If Tucker could live in our pool, he would move his bed in there
* I need a GIRLS night/day/weekend. 
* It seems if though my laundry pile is never ending and our food supply is running out all the time....I hate grocery shopping and I am trying to rid the junk out of our house and start eating better. This is WHY I haven't been grocery shopping because I really enjoy junk food but my butt doesnt' need it :)
* I have tons of activities on my list to do around our area this summer and we will start off Friday at the water park I HOPE!!!
* I can't even tell you who is running for president..I should really be more in tune to the world right/?
* I get burned out really bad on work during summer time. I like my job, I want to work for a lot of reasons but I just want July off totally...hehe

I will try to check back in soon :)


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