Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where am I???

Where am I.....I really have NO idea where I am. I have been everywhere!!! Well, not a 50 mile radius.

OH, I bet you are wondering how my bday 30 good deeds are going. I am wondering how that is going too..haha. I said it would take me through October and that is what I meant!!! Stop judging...kidding! I have all the toys packed up to donate, I have cookie supplies ready to bake, I have been talking to Tucker about helping others and every time I pick a day to be kind to EVERYONE someone pisses me off first thing. BUT I plan to mark off every single one of those nice 30 soon as people keep pissing me off :)

I celebrated my 30th and honestly I don't feel a day over 30...still feel and tell people I am 29 out of habit.

Both kids and myself have been snotting around a lot lately! Its annoying....But Tucker is still smart and thriving and Saylor Kate is standing and walking around things. She is also babbling ALL the time. Can't get enough of them.

I have so many fun things I want to plan for this fall....I can't wait to pick pumpkins but all I can think about is Christmas. For the love of me, I sing I Christmas carols all the TIME!!! What is wrong with me?? Seriously, I need to slllloooowww down. Its already so busy I can't imagine throwing in Christmas.

Also, I hear people talking about how busy they are....u know those people who don't have kids and I LAUGH at them. Seriously.....let me know how busy you are and stressed when you have a kid( or more) under your belt, until then don't talk.

I get home from work and try to juggle it all. 2 kids need to be cleaned and feed A LOT. Also my house needs cleaned from time to time....oh and the laundry wont fold itself. Dang you laundry. And then I dream about a day when I can have even MORE chaos in my house. Yes, I really do. I am not sure if we will EVER have more kids, but I dream. I have always wanted too many mouths to feed and and not even time.....little crazy I think.

Hunting season is fast approaching ( I can hear the groans from the women now). Honestly the husband hunting doesn't bother me! GO..please...slay some young innocent animal. This makes time for me to think straight AND drop the kids off at babysitters and have a girls night. Seriously, women are so rude sometimes. So our men like to hunt (or whatever hobby)...stop griping and pick your battles. Go buy a new shirt and feel better.

This brings me to picking your battles. I am a single mom A LOT! The husband runs his own business...I am the 1950's housewife who cooks and cleans and takes care of the kids...oh and WORKS 40 hours a week. I dont' gripe...I just treat myself to other things. I pick my battles..and griping at him isn't one of them. Also, I heard this quote "every man REALLY wants a 1950s house wive deep down"!!! Its true ladies

This post is everywhere..we go from snotty noses to hunting. That's my life though....everywhere all the time. Hopefully I will be back to post more...I have an upcoming post of my grandmas' cooking starting soon!!!


Sara Merzo said...

What a nice post- what a cute blog! It´s 6 am and there´s only 2 hours to sleep. uh- I must sleep..but..I want to read your blog... err..
I want to watch out it later.. :)

I hope that my blog is like yours.. maybe in a few month?
I wish you a nice day!

-sara from germany

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that you need to pick your battles, but I know from experience that too much time away - and too much left on one spouse, well it will lead to problems later. It is a natural byproduct of not having enough time to build into each other and edify one another.

so yes, you can say "pick your battles" or cope by buying a new item, but the truth is that intimacy must be maintained - and that usually is done by together time. A garden is like a marriage - and if we do not properly tend to the garden - it will have overgrowth, drought, or other problems. and sure, each couple has different needs - which is usually what makes each union unique, but be very careful before you minimize the load you carry - or excuse too much time away from nurturing your oneness and form sharing the family workload - because it will only be a matter of time until you reach a limit - and where buying a shirt will not even soothe the small things. Many people begin drifting apart during years like this - to then unfortunately only fully see it when they are "done" or can;t take anymore. Believe me, resentment can set in if you are a single mom too much - so fight for your together time and make sure you are not just ignoring things as you respectfully cope and carry the torch. If things are put off too long, it will take a toll. And you can address this by not griping "at" your spouse - instead - gripe at the situation you have that pulls from togetherness - because no amount of money is worth a marriage.

Sorry to comment so long, but I know this from experience.
And you refer to the 1950's house wife - but that woman did NOT also work 40 hours a week on top of her home work load- no way! And that lady of the 50's was not driving kids to sports and misc. stuff every day (one car was used by dad) - and also the husband was usually home for dinner each night and most shared lots of evening family time - which included lots of couple cuddling EVERY night and weekends together.

So my point is that yes, we have to work - and when our guys our out working hard - we owe to them and ourselves to make sure they do not neglect the marriage. We all need accountable to draw the need time boundaries before the decay is obvious. God used a move to Florida to show us that the five years of our living this kind of lifestyle was taking a toll - my spouse took 19 trips in one year alone - and believe me, this stuff adds up.

You only have so many years to raise your children, and I am glad that we changed our work habits to partner where we could - because by not enjoying each other - and buy not sharing the family loads- we were missing out on a union that makes life truly wonderful - so if you want to someday retire with your spouse - I would pray right now about how much time you spend apart (and if you are not having daily sex - well ask yourself how he is getting those needs met - you may not like the answer).

take care and best wishes

Mr. Road Trip said...

How lucky your kids are to have you home and taking care of them. While I don't hunt, I will thumbs up the thought of a mom who takes care of the home. -Not to say she can't be the president of some Fortune 500, just like my kids taken care of by me and/or my wife and not a strang babysitter.

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You only have so many years to raise your children, and I am glad that we changed our work habits to partner where we could - because by not enjoying each other.