Wednesday, September 12, 2012

30 Years in the making

I am still working on all my good deeds for turning 30....It might drag on into October but thats ok....I mean at least I am doing 30 Good Deeds RIGHT??

But today is the day...the day I hit my 30's. I can remember being a teenager or young 20's and thinking about what I would accomplish by the time I am 30.
I would be married to a wonderful man...check!
I would have ALL my kids by the time I am 30...well we aren't sure BUT we have 2 awesome ones.
I would have an awesome career....I have a career, but not sure I am settled for good.
I would live in my dream home...all the ppl who know me are LAUGHING right now...this is a NO.
I wouldn't have a wrinkle...yeh right! (ok this one was for fun)

But I would say hitting 30 I am proud of what I have done, for the mistakes that got me where I am and the right choices I have made. I have married my best friend, my soul mate. I have 2 healthy, adorable children. I have my "old" friends who have got my through thick and then. I have new friends that I adore and can't wait to make lots of memories with. I have 2 families that are my rocks. Some people say highschool and college are the best years of your life...they were good...but right now I am having a pretty rad time. I mean nothing is better than a smile every morning from 2 blue eyed babies. So here is to 30..the best years :)

I am one lucky girl on this birthday and I can't wait to party it up on Saturday with the ones I love the most!!!
So cheers to 30!!!


Amy said...

happy bday!

LoLa said...

you are lucky :)

Ram choudhary said...

wish u so beautiful life ,,sweet 40 ,,sweet 50 on