Friday, June 27, 2008

8 Days of VACA!!!

Today is my final day of work until July 7th!!!!!! I am taking off at 12 today to start my vacation. Nate and I decided to take a big vacation every other year and since last year we did the Mexico trip this year we are taking two small vacations. The first small vacation is our trip to Nashville this weekend. We are leaving today around 2 and heading back on Monday. It will be a nice weekend of site seeing( I love history and Nashville has a lot of that, I know I am a nerd) eating out and hopefully a little shoppping too :) When we arrive back home on Monday I love the fact that I still have the rest of the week to just do whatever I want. I will spend a lot of time in the pool and doing whatever this girl wants to do. Besides this might be the last time to do whatever I want to do with the baby coming and all!!!!! Our next weekend get a way is not planned yet but anybody with ideas let us know!!! Then the following year we will do a big vacation again..this helps the budget a ton

Today I start my vacation off with a pedicure and manicure!!! until next next week..have a good one


Alaina said...

While you are on the screen where you create your post, there is a button- "Post Options" (I think) CLick on that then you can change the date to when you want it to post.

Alaina said...

Have fun on vacation!