Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Funday?

Monday, Monday, Monday already! The weekend flew by as usual. My half of day off was filled with swimming with my niece and nephew all day. We swam from 2-5 then from 7-9:30. They got to stay the night but were out and asleep by 10. Saturday the Oran Car Show was an all day adventure. It was 95 degrees so feeding people burgers and bbq's in the hot weather is just how everyone wants to spend their Saturday afternoon right?? It was an all day event and we finally left around 6:30 to spend the rest of the evening in a lawn chair by our shop drinking cold beer till 10:00. Speaking of Cold Beer: My new favorite is Bud Light Lime...everyone should tr it. We crashed early on Saturday b/c Sunday brought even more things to do. Sunday was just as busy...I only got to be in the pool for an hour on Sunday b/c we had a Fund Raiser on Sunday and Nate was helping with the cooking! I know none of this sounds fun to anybody else ( or myself) but I was just filling everyone in.

My 21 day of cleansing was going great until Sunday. I drank one soda on Sunday :( So I had a cheat day and man did it feel great!!! Back to water all week this week and I hope I can reisist the cheat this coming weekend. Weekend are always the hardest for me!


Jin said...

Kraig loves the bud light lime too! I take sips of his- I picked it up at the grocery store and this lady asked me if it was any good and I was like YEAH! you gotta try it! She didn't even flinch or look at my belly or anything. I guess down here it's normal...? I told her to buy some and try it after work!

Julie Marena said...

Hey Kara!

I have a blog, too but I'm not sure if I ever sent everyone the link. I actually just erased all of the old & started it up again fresh today. The link is

Anyway...what is this "cleansing" that you are doing? I'm sure that you explained in one of your posts, but I didn't feel like reading them all right now ;)

Let me know - I'm always looking for new tricks :) I've got to get back in shape.