Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friday Yet?

I have made it to Thursday with no soda!!!! Yaaahhh!!! Obvisously this was my biggest goal to just drink water and no syrup. The rest of the diet willl come and go but the soda/tea was my biggest issue and so far so good. I just hope my will power will continue on through the weekend b/c that is always the hardest part! So far i have done 4 days of cleansing. Not too bad!

Last night we finally saw "sex and the city" movie. I drug Nathan to the movie( he thought he would like the sex part) and it was an A in my book!!! I would highly recommend going with a couple girlfriends, I believe it woudl make the movie that much better. The movie has been so worked up lately and I have tried not to listen to any of it because that can put a damper on things. So since I blocked out all the hype it was GREAT!!! I will own the movie I already know. You have to be a big sex and the city fan I believe to appreciate the movie. Overall it was 2 thumbs up!

Friday is my half of day of work and I am sooooo pumped!!! I will get off at 12 tomorrow and hopefully find myself laying in the pool the whole afternoon. A little me time and R and R. Saturday brings a day full of work, The Oran Car Show. My family and I always volunteer our time and hard work to make this day go successful. It is always a great turn out and raises money for our small town. We enjoy most of it I guess. Busy Busy!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend...I am sure with my half of day I wont blog tomorrow

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