Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Within the last week

Within the last week we finally ordered our newborn pictures! I was exciting to see them but really they blew me away when I saw them. AMAZING is a word I like to use. Lets just say I broke the pocket book buying them but Tuck is only a newborn once. I plan on always keeping newborn pictures around because to me those were the days that mattered the most...the day we finally got our baby. I plan on creating one of these in Tucker's room...(not this big of one but something similar)

(I copied this picture from a blog...someone gets credit but I forgot where I got it)
You can not view Tucker's pictures but you can get an idea of what a great job she did from this website....www.bellabambinophotography.com

Tucker can't seem to fight off this sickness. He now has a cold/cough and congestion in his little chest. It hurts me to see him cough. So he has been sleeping with me since he has been sick. I am probaly starting a horrible habit with sleeping but I can not be away from him when he doesn't feel good. So what where your sleeping habits when your kiddos where young?

Being back at work only makes my life so much more hectic. By the time I get home, play with Tucker,feed, bath and pack up for the next day there is no time for laundrey, dishes, supper, cleaning house and so on. Nate said last night we need a second women for the house. A women to do all the dirty work while we enjoy our time with the little guy. I think I will ask for that women for Valentine's day.

Tucker is really trying to talk...cooing...and really smiling these days. He is such a happy baby. We tried feeding him cereal with a spoon and it was hilarious!! He had it everywhere but really enjoyed it!!! 10 weeks old this week...that is too hard to believe.

I am really needing to lose the rest of the baby weight. 10 to 15lbs would be great but I dont' want to be on a diet or work out?? Hummmm...so I wish the weight would just disappear. Anyone out there have a diet/ work out system they just love love?

Enough blabbing...be back tomorrow


Emily said...

Just featured that photo wall today! That's Christie's wall from stiesthoughts.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you used Sheri!! She's a friend of mine! I'll be on the lookout for Tucker's pictures on Facebook or her blog. :)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Bella Bambino is all over my FB right now!!! Good choice going with her and I like the idea!

Amy said...

I am with you that there is NO time for anything when you have a baby!

i want that woman too! lol!!!

and when you find out how to lose that weight without working out or anythign let me know because i have a lot that i need to lose!! (not all from baby!)

mrs.leah.maria said...

Beautiful image! I'm sure the pictures are worth it!

Poor little guy, I hope that he gets better soon!

Jin said...

1. Your a mother now, there's no time for anything! Get used to it, you're going to have at least 3 more.

2. If you ask for another woman for your house, be clear what she is there for.

3. You don't want to diet or workout and then you ask for a diet/workout plan? You're crazy. Go for lunch time walks with your sister in law.

4. I can't wait to see Tucker!!!!