Thursday, January 21, 2010

What to wear?

Mid- twenties is hard. You are inbetween a lot of milestones in your life. Hair styles too young or old, where to hang out BUT the hardest by far milestone for me is clothing. !!!! You walk in a store...lets just say Macys...which department to you shop in. We are for sure not Juniors anymore. But some of the juniors clothing might be suitable?? Are we misses? But then those clothes look "old women" sometimes.
so where are you shopping in your mid twenties? What is too old too young. Skinny jeans? tall boots? skull shirts? short sleeve sweaters in winter? After being unpreggers again I am so confused on where to shop and what to buy? HELP


Anonymous said...
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Jin said...

I wonder if 'anonymous' is trying to help by giving you Japanese websites.

I wish I could help, but if I have any fashion questions- I tend to ask YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate shopping at places like Macys for that exact reason - I'm never sure which dept. to look in! My go to places are Banana Republic, Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, Target, and Boden. I still wear skinny jeans, tall boots, and s/s sweaters, but not skull shirts (I never have though)

Alicia said...

I love Ann Taylor Loft, Express, and Buckle. Some of the things are still too young at the latter 2, but still lots of choices.

Anonymous said...

That's why I like to shop at the Buckle. Cute outfits already put together! I'm older then you & still pull them off. You always look cute no matter what you have on!