Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Catch Up

Its only been a little over a month since I have been back at work but it seems like an eternity. So many things have happened included 205825516 inches of snow it seemed. Lets get a run down of how its been.

Kailee ready for sledding!!!

Liam throwing snowballs

Tucker enjoying the snow from the window....look out next year

Tucker's baptism. We had this event on Valentine's day so it will always be a little extra special.

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Godfather was nate's brother Keith and Godmother was my sister in law Jin!!! I think they will do a fantastic job

Notice the bottle?? Tucker screamed through the WHOLE baptism

He likes his bumbo seat....Look how big he is? 3 months!!

More catching up tomorrow...more pics to come


Jin said...

He's so handsome sitting up in that bumbo- he is the perfect mix of you and Nate!

Hannah said...

I can't wait to squeeze him next Friday!!! How lucky I am to get to keep him all day!!! You might not get him back though!!! I guess Porter needs to stay the day with you sometime in exchange. Haha. You'd return him for sure!!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

He is so flippin' cute!!! I can't believe how big he's getting. Happy Baptism Tucker!

Adge said...

he is so cute. they grow up so fast.