Thursday, September 23, 2010

The first baby.....

Since Tucker is growing at rapid speed and even though I dont' want to admit it, he will be turning 1 soon. I have been thinking. Thinking back to the times when he was a wee little boy. I know a lot of people that are excpecting their first babies soon, I get a lot of questions, I ask a lot of questions and I thought with all this knowledge (or luck) I need to post an HONEST post about your first baby.

You are always told that a baby will steal your heart and soul. I said "of course they will, duh..I know that!" I HAD no freakin idea. You dont' know. You have no clue how much you can love until you meet that baby.

People told me, that baby will be your pride and joy from the first minute you meet him/her. Well, sometimes it takes a day, week or month to bond. Honestly. When you bring the baby home and him/her dont' sleep at night, you have no clue what to do, your boobs are leaking everywhere, your house smells of B.O (from lack of showers) and crappy diapers, your hormones are crazy....sometimes it takes a little while to bond. So if you don't feel an instant bond, it will happen eventually. Its ok to freak out because lets face, you have no clue what the hell you are doing!!!!!

Your first adventure out will be a nightmare. We ventured out to eat one time and I had this giant diaper bag packed with diapers, wipes, water, bottles, paci's, toys .....ummm..NO formula!!!! You are will happen

Your sister, brother, friends and etc. "might" drive you nuts. Whether its advise they pour on you or wanting to come over and "help"...more than likely you will want to slap all of them.

You husband will be on the back burner and EVEN though they are grown men they can't handle being on the back burner. They are babies and want attention and will make you even more crazy. Just threaten them.....

You will need your mom around. You will want her around. She is the only one (well I had a SIL that I wanted around too) that can actually help and you wont want to slap. She knows, she has done it and more than likely you will do it like she did.

You are scared to death at delievery time and can't enjoy the moment! You wont enjoy it most of are scared.

You might cry a lot. You will cry because of happiness (I got lucky and this was the only time I cried) or outta sadness. Just cry, who cares who watches. And again threathen your husband if he looks at you weird

If you have animals, I hate to say, they were your babies first. yeh I know...but now you barely remember to put out their food. Sorry..they too are on the back burner and soon will be "just the dog"!

I was thinking all these thoughts and laughed to myself last night. I then got VERY excited about a baby in the future. I can't wait to experience it and actually know what the hell is going on with me. I am prepared now. I can enjoy it the second time around. Its sad but your first baby is an experience. Its a trial. They dont mind, they dont even know. But now I know....know I can prepare better "when" we want another baby.

So prepare to not know what the hell is going on. Its ok, you will learn I did. I am serious....its ok, you will be clueless to a lot of things. so if you saw me at an outting when I was a new mom and I said everything was going GREAT. I lied I am sure. I mean I was excited and I loved it alll.....but I was new and scared! So when moms say now to me "its great" response is its ok to be scared, and then they start asking questions and I feel like I have let them open up!!!


April said...

This post is soooo true!! I mean even to the time of being pregnant. I am pregnant with my second and it is different and not just because its a different pregnancy but you notice more that what you did the first time. I honestly think I am more scared this time about delivery then I was the first time just because now I KNOW what is going to happen! lol But at the same time, I am sooo excited and cant wait to see how it will be with a new bundle of joy and personality.

Amy said...

yep, ditto to everything :)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Great post! I'll refer moms to be to your site for the info.