Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Kickoff

NFL kickoff is tonight! If you are not a stranger to this blog then you know I worship this man

and the rest of his team for that matter

I have always loved sports and whats crazy about it as I have NO background with football. I never had football in my high school and the college I attended was horrible at football. But I blame it on growing up with a house full of brothers. I don't' do college football because I can't keep up with all the divisions and bowl games but NFL, its my passion!

No the Colts don't' play tonight, but its the start of Fall and football tonight so I will be tuned in. On the agenda: Nachos, comfy clothes and my couch with 2 great men!


Adge said...

i live in ohio and college football is a huge thing here. i am going to try and watch some nfl this year.

Cecilia said...

I LOVE Manning and the Colts!! I've watched Manning since his college days. You can bet ill be wearing my jersey!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Have fun with football season. FYI-I totally LOLed (like for real) when I read your comment on my blog today!