Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My niece

Always knew that my niece kailee was one of a kind. Yesterday she had double hip surgery. It is compared to me and you having a total hip replacement ...2 at a time! She flew through surgery and did soooo good. Right now she is in pain, we think, and not breathing like she should so they have her in ICU. I keep praying! She is strong and a fighter (always has been) so I KNOW she will pull through just fine.
Just from me...I think she is pissed that she can't move her legs. Yep, she is a very determined little girl and it is making her mad that they have her tied down!
So keep her in your prayers, and keep her mom and dad in your prayers! The doc praised mom and dad yesterday for Kailee being such a healthy little girl.....God gives you what you need and Kailee has the best parents in the world. (way to go Bro and SIL)!!!


Hannah said...

I knew she would do great!! We're still saying prayers for her :)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Sounds like she's really one of a kind. I'll keep her in my thoughts.