Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1st baby...... part 2

Remember the 1st baby story....well there is more. Lots more actually but most of it is NOT blog appropriate.

-You will have your baby and realize you still look pregnant. You will go home looking pregnant, when people come to visit you will look pregnant. Heck your baby will be 3 months and you will still look pregnant. And if you are lucky like me, you baby will be crawling and you STILL look pregnant. Don't stress about looking pregnant when you come home. Just dress comfortable and dont' worry about how fat you look, because it happens.

-Your bladder is never the same. Ever! That baby has ruined it forever. Remember when you could hold off from using the bathroom....or wait to "break the seal". Those days are over. You can't pop the top on your beer (or soda) and not have to pee.

-Working makes you feel guilty. You feel like you are abanding your child. ( I hear it gets better with every child after your first)

-Running into Target is no longer "running in to Target".First you park, get the stroller or target cart. Unbuckle baby and transport him/her to stroller cart. Get the diaper bag. Realize the baby has wet threw or thrown up on his/her clothes. Get baby outta the stroller/cart and change her in the front seat. Get the diaper bag back in the car that you just put in the stroller/cart. Change the baby. Load her/him back into stroller/cart. Get the diaper bag. look for 5 minutes for your keys because once you loaded the baby twice you have misplaced them. The baby is now screaming in the parking lot. You lock your car and walk away only to realize you don't have your purse. Now you dig for your keys in the bottom of the diaper bag to walk back and unlock your doors and get your purse. You are finally ready and get to Target....now the baby is hungry!

-Pictures, cameras and baby clothes will brake you. Yep your shoes are soooo last season but you NO longer care.

-You feel guilty for having adult time. And you feel guilty for having a hangover and being with your baby the next day. And nobody wants a hangover with "WonderPets" blaring in the back ground and smelling ravioli out of the can for lunch. Its horrible!

The 1st baby will steal your soul and take away your breath. They will make your heart hurt by how much you love them. Even if all the above are VERY true


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Made me laugh! Thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to send all my momma-to-be friends to this post.

Amy said...


:) So true.

The Pampered Mom said...

So true... And soo worth it!

Cecilia said...

Amen to the weak bladder and trips to the store. My hubby doesn't understand that there is no quick trip to the store. Boys, sheesh.

cindy lee said...

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Lyr said...