Friday, October 22, 2010

Updates from Everywhere

First and MOST important my niece Kailee J is still needing prayers. Surgery was a success now we need her lungs to clear and heal and her pain to go away!!!!! I believe in prayer, I have seen and felt it work so we are asking for her to be pain free. NO 6 year old needs to feel pain, so this tough little girl needs prayers. WE are hoping she gets moved to a regular room soon and maybe released sooner than later. I think most people heal better at home??? Who wants to be in a hospital anyways.

On another note......I haven't started Tucker's scrapbook that needs to be done in 2 weeks. So now I am 11 months behind. I see a lot of late nights in my future. BUT I think I am 2 steps ahead in the birthday planning. I have been playing with cattails, potato sacks, and hay lately. Can't wait to show you the outcome!!!!

And another note....when Tucker is a well baby, he is the best baby you could ask for. BUT apparently Tucker cuts teeth every month. So, right now we are dealing with sleeping any way possible, the couch, the recliner, our bed, whatever makes him sleep. He is up every 2-3 hours whining in pain. What do you do??? You know he is hurting so I just do whatever makes him and me get as much sleep as possible. The thing is when he is not hurting and well, he sleeps all night in his bed like he is supposed to. So, we are hoping and PRAYING Tucker's teeth come in soon so mom doesn't look like a walking rag doll at work all day.!!!!!

Here's to a good weekend....more than 3 hours of sleep at a time, Kailee J feeling like herself and maybe a pumpkin patch :)


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Whew girl! Good luck...I'm tired just READING all that. Enjoy your weekend as well.

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