Thursday, November 18, 2010

A weeks worth

Tuesday: I am thankful for Diet Mt. Dew!!!! Its the ONLY soda worth drinking :)

Wednesday: I am thankful for my cousins. Whether we see each other once a week or once every 6 months we pick up where we left off. So many memories of us growing up together :)

(My cousin Annah and Tucker)

Thursday: I am thankful for my cousins by marriage. Its amazing how much I enjoy these people and some of us have even grown very close!

(Dirnberger girls)

Friday: I am thankful God gave me a little boy first. I think he knew I couldn't handle hair bows at 7 in the morning. For example today is picture day at school. It took me 5 total minutes with diaper change to get Tucker ready for pictures:) NOW that is awesome!

Saturday: I am thankful for half day Fridays!!!!

Sunday: I am thankful for BIG homemade meals on Sundays. I love to cook on Sundays and NEVER leave the house all day long!

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My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I agree not having to leave the house all day is AWESOME! Love your lists.