Thursday, December 16, 2010


Every family has traditions and mine is non the less! I thought Christmas was great before children, but having Tucker has only gotten me in the spirit more to keep traditions and start new traditions!!!!

MY Traditions

The week OF Christmas:
This is baking week. I have all my Christmas bought and wrapped and its time to make holiday goodies!!! On my list:
Oreo balls, sugar cookies, Chocolate Chex Mex, Snicker cookies and several others!
I also make cheese balls, buffalo chicken dip and a couple other things!

Christmas eve:
I cook all day and make my breakfast casserole for Christmas morning!
We start it off right with Church at 4. This is a beautiful mass and it makes your heart feel warm inside. Then its off to my parents. (5 mins away) We eat, open presents and watch the "Christmas Story" for 12 hours straight! We get two of the same presents every year...... PJ's to wear and a new board game! We then play games and drink coffee till wee hours of the morning!

Christmas morning:
We grab the video camera and wait for Santa. We eat breakfast casserole and enjoy our little family of 3 while watching the "Christmas Story" for another 12 hours! ha
Christmas day is spent with my in laws and their extended family. We enjoy a big lunch and big supper all the while opening more presents and spreading more cheer!

The day after Christmas:
I am lucky to enjoy soooo many Christmas parties with soooo many family members. We eat out with my grandpa and grandma and enjoy a White elephant Christmas after eating! This is a day of relaxing and soaking everything up that just happened the last two days. Its a busy time but a great time and always goes way to fast!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I hope one day we can just relax for the holidays, unfortunately, we spend the holidays burning up 55! We make the most of it though and always have a good time.

The Pampered Mom said...

sounds like a ton of fun!! I love how you all get PJ's & a game!!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I hope you'll link this up to Dare to... have traditions! It's a linky party this Sunday. These are great traditions!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great family, great food and a great way to spend christmas! Hope yours is the best yet! MERRY CHRISTMAS! blessings Jane

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