Monday, February 7, 2011

Who I am...

I am a giving person and love to volunteer,I try to make myself a better person by giving, recycling and donating.

I have OCD issues with the way my house looks but my car is always dirty,

shopping is my therapy , who needs the face to face people helping people approach!I am the person who might only wear a shirt once and then donate it.

I enjoy classy dinners and drinking wine but beer and a tailgate is my answer to stress (gasp, beer, wine what? Yeh I drink....)

I love to dress up and wear high heels but my favorite outfit is sweats,

I love to tan and get my nails and toes painted but never make time for it,

I am a girly girl, but dirt, mud and hunting don't scare me!

I have always had blond hair but I want brown,

I could live the southern bell life and dreamed about when I was little girl

An event planner would be my dream job

I talk to my mom at least once a day and it never gets old

I have a husband with a southern drawn and a heart of gold, I thank God for him daily...Nate is my best friend and he completes me

I am a music junky and it has always been apart of my is the bond my dad and I share

My brothers are the reason I smile, we have a crazy natural bond (this includes my SIL)

I cant even control my LOVE for my nieces and nephews...its crazy

My girl friends are my glue that hold me together..we have been friends for years and will always remain that way

I am very sensitive hearted but usually only cry when I am happy

I love to read just for fun and it relaxes me

I dread waking up for church on most days but couldn't( I try) go a week without it

I love to smell men's cologne and it makes my heart flutter like a pre teen

I am a sucker for romantic movies

I love to play anything and I am very competitive....I wont talk to Nate if he beats me at something

I love to watch football, baseball and I pray I wont be too hard on my kids with sports one day..hehe

I hate to cook when I have to, but love the idea of trying, Martha Stewart is my role model

I wear earrings all the time, with every outfit. Along with a watch...part of my OCD.

I never knew you could love on thing so much until I had Tucker...he completes me!

Here is a few things about me...there are many more..but its a start.

give yourself a minute and think of the things that complete you?


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

What a great, great post! I love it!

Song Sparrow said...

Loved it! Great post!

Jeannie said...

ocd about everything except for the car - sounds like me :) I enjoy reading your blog!