Wednesday, April 13, 2011

John Deere.....

I was NOT raised on a farm, Nate was. I have learned a lot in my 5 years of living on my "hill" aka farm. However after five years, I am still no comfortable with everything on the farm. I am still scared of big machinery. I am scared of cattle. I wont walk through the woods in the dark. (you know in case of bears or black cats) I like to fish by the pond but I am constantly searching for snakes. I am scared to death of the electric fences that fence the cattle.

Tucker is his father's son. He runs like crazy through the pastures. Loves to head straight for the cattle and wants to pet them. He loves the ponds. NOT a fear in the world.

You could call me a worry wort. Yep, I will accept that name.

Last night as we were playing outside and Tucker was running wild, I was following him like a hawk and making sure he doesn't step on a snake, play with the electric fence, get trampled by cows or bump his head on the tractor.

So last night Nate finally told me...............

"Go inside and make dinner or do whatever you want or need to do. Tucker will be fine. You can't protect his every move."
As I walked inside cursing my husband, swearing I am not insane..........I realize, this is ONLY the beginning of a wild, curious little boy who I will always worry about and always want to protect but sometimes you have to let them run free.

This always made me think about how as much as Tucker is a momma's wont last much longer. I will NO Longer but the "cool" one, he will be way more interested in tractors, cows and farming.

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