Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A few answers

A few questions I have been asked are:

Are you wearing maternity clothes: NO, I am pushing my clothes to the limit. My jeans all still fit as of right now (week 14) but some of them are A LOT snug!!! My shirts are ok as well but they really show my growing belly. However, since this pregnancy allines with Tucker's, I wont have to buy many things hopefully!!

What are you craving: I am craving anything and everything. I just eat! ALL THE TIME!!! The only thing I have to have everyday is a glass of cold milk

What about Tucker: I am trying to explain as good as I can and I am trying to talk about the "baby" as often as possible. I know he will not understand a lot, but I don't want him blindsided either.

Feelings: I was very very sick the first 12 weeks and now things are back to normal. Well, almost back to normal. I am usually ready to go to bed by the time Tucker does, but other than tired I am back to normal.

Thoughts: This is going to be very hard. Tucker and new baby will be close in age but that is how we wanted them to be. Someone the other day said, "Wow, you will have your hands full"! I hadn't even thought of it until then, but yes I will...but that's how I wanted it.
Names or Genders:  A lot of people say Girl, I think boy, BUT we dont' care either way. We will take either one of course! We dont' have names...we really even haven't thought of names. We usually dont' plan names or rooms until we know the gender of baby :)

Any more questions....send them my way.

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