Thursday, June 30, 2011

9 weeks to 13 weeks

Seems like at 9 weeks my sickness got worse. Yes, I remember it did. Not worse I guess, but I was just sick constantly. But here I am again, embracing sickness. After all I had just heard my babies little tiny heartbeat (156) and I was happy that I was still sick. Someone had asked if I was sick with Tucker? I had a little tiny bit of nausea in the morning with Tucker, but nothing like I was having with this baby. Wowzers, he/she was really laying it on me this time.

The next couple of weeks kept on the same, sick, sick and bloated!!!!!!! People were noticing a bump. They always say with each baby you show earlier and earlier. I didnt' feel like it was a true baby bump, I just felt like with each hour of the day my stomach was bloating and getting bigger. In the mornings NO baby bump, by 3:00 I was pregnant. Crazy how that works!

Week 11 came and I woke up with a bump. All of sudden it just appeared and again I embraced it. I was excited that baby was growing even if that means I was growing too. And believe me it hasn't stopped!! It just grows and grows and grows. But I suppose thats what I am supposed to do :)

I had someone else ask me about my Lovenx shots. (blood thinner shots). Remember, I have that rare Factor V thing going on. YES, I am taking the horrible, painful shots everyday again in my stomach. ugh!!! Hate the shots!!! They hurt, badly and I started taking those at 6 weeks. So I have 5 1/2 more months of that. (yes I am couting down). That is the worse thing about being body is a pin cushion and looks like I have been beaten. ALSO, those shots can act as a steroid and make me eat and gain more weight than other ladies. Fabulous right?? Like you arent' going to get fat enough pregnant but I (lucky ME) can get extra fat :).

At this point I still only told the people most important to me. I wanted to hear another heartbeat before I opened up to most of my friends and strangers. I couldn't hide it much longer so at 12.5 weeks I heard another awesome heartbeat (150) and now we could shout it from the mountain tops!

(more to come....)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pregnancy. I stumbled on your blog through someone elses. I just want to say I feel your pain with the Lovenox shots. I had to do them for all 3 of my pregnancies. But we mommas will do anything for our babies even if we are the human pin cushion.

sofia123 said...

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