Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sorry ya'll that I have been absent again. I have been busy learning how to prepare for a baby girl. Basically what I have learned is go buy everything pink and cute and have a lot of money put back. No No, that was ONLY half the suggestions.
What I have really been doing is NESTING. You see our house is tiny..we have 3 bedrooms but I really needed that 3rd bedroom for storage. Well since baby girl needs a room the storage has to go somewhere. So each night this week I have been organizing and cleaning a room a night. I started with the master bedroom and I have worked my way all the way to the kitchen. The kitchen and laundry area are my last rooms to do tonight. THANK GOODNESS!!! I feel like if my house is disorganized or messy that my life is messy. So this gives me a clear head and makes me feel sooooo good. I am calling it my fall cleaning!!! So after the kitchen cleaning tonight I think I will buy myself something nice for all my hard work!!
So this Friday I get off at 12 and I am eating my weight in food and then shopping. I have bought a couple things for this little girl, but what I am trying to do is buy ahead for next summer. Right now everyone has summer clothes on clerance for around 2.00 so its the perfect time to buy. I also have bought a couple football shirts for Tucker....its almost that time :)
So to make a long story short..thats where I have been. Busy busy. I figured I better get busy now before I start swelling and too big to move.
As for names, we have a couple we need to decide on....or should I say I have a couple that husband doens't care for but will learn to love. And this week marks 21 weeks..wowzer!! I am OVER half way there since I go early :)

And Just because its sooo hard for me to imagine loving another child as much as I love him,....I mean it hurts my heart I love this kid so much. Look at that cowboy :)  I have been giving him TONS of attention just so he always knows I love him. I am affraid with another little one coming he will question me :(

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The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

Oh he is a cutie! but he will love having a new baby sister:)