Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding weekend!!!

This weekend I was in my cousin Annah's wedding. It was a BLAST to say the least. The thing about Annah is we grew up as sisters more so than cousins. There aren't very many memories that don't involve having her in them. We are forever friends and I was honored to be a part of her big day. I love wedding weekends :) On Friday my sister in law and I held a bridal luncheon for her. Although my sister in law Jin couldn't be here, she was here in spirit and helped me make some of the decor. I will show  A LOT of pictures here so be ready, but everyone who knows me knows I like to throw GREAT parties
 The wreath on the front door!!!
 The bridesmaids table
Cute chair wreaths!

The cake area!!!!

 The mothers table was a mini version of our table
 The miniature cakes were added to the cake table
 the bar area is where we served appetizers!!
 The table with lit candles
 the bride and bridesmaids ( I am on the end in purple with heels so I look tall)
 the wine bucket and appetizers
more appetizers and a vase with the bride's initials and colorful beads!!!

Everything turned out GREAT!!! Just like we had planned. The decor I can explain in detail later but I was proud of what we had done! We served 7 layer salad, pasta salad with chicken and rolls. And for dessert everyone enjoyed a small cake!

I will be back with wedding pics soon.

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