Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Been a traveling

I spent the last 5 days traveling and relaxing. I LOVE going to Louisiana to visit and since I am going to be on non traveling duty soon this was perfect timing. We basically ate and let the kids run and play the whole time. It was sooo nice and relaxing and just what I needed before my life gets more hectic.

*We are preparing for Halloween. Yes Tucker has 2 outfits and we arent' sure which one he will be. One of them is a cutesy Giraffe. I wanted more year of a something adorable and Tucker wanted a year of being Woody from Toy Story. We shall see who wins.
*I am planning Tucker's 2nd birthday. I can't believe he will be 2 years old. I mean he acts two and thinks he is smart enough to be two...but seriously?? This year it is football themed. Although my favorite football team is having the WORST season in history we aren't going to quit on them now. I have lots of fun things planned.
*I am trying to start Christmas shopping. My only problem is I have NO Idea what to get anyone. I am wanting to have all my Christmas bought by Thanksgiving. This doesn't mean wrapped but I need it bought and ready...Thanksgiving is 4 weeks from delivery so I need to get started.
*The baby girl room has no crib, no furniture, no paint...man we have a lot of work to do. I am wanting her room finished by Thanksgiving as well. Party to show it off to family in town.

Oh and not to mention keeping up with the everyday things, work and following a toddler around. I am supposed to be anaemic....but who can tell when my mind runs 90 to nothing.

I have my 7 month appt on Wednesday. Can't wait to update yall