Friday, October 21, 2011

29 weeks ya'll

29 weeks with baby girl........

I am kinda getting nervous because so far I have NOTHING done for baby girl. Well she has really great clothes and hair accessories.

Tucker seems like he understands he is having a sister. BUT in the next 2 months we have Halloween, His 2 year bday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a little sister. This might be a little overwhelming when you are 2??

I seem to be growing more now days and I can probably say I am right there where I was with Tucker at the growing stage.

Did I mention we have a LOT of stuff to do in 2 months. I am going to get through Halloween first and then work on Tuckers 2nd bday because as some of you remember last year Nathan had the flu and couldn't come to the first bday party. HOW horrible right?? So we are throwing another big birthday party much like his 1st to make up for lost time with daddy. Oh and his Gigi and Memaw both had the flu too and couldn't come also.

In the mist of all this I need to Christmas shop and decorate and bake. I am thinking I wont sleep much in December

So I stop with all the list and be grateful now. I am VERY grateful for this baby girl, but man I sure do know how to plan it at a hectic time :)

I am outta work today at 12 to prepare for a nesting weekend...we are cleaning out the shop!! gag


Jill said...

Sounds like it's going to be fast and furious but what a joy to have another little one in your arms again!

I'm so excited for you. So so excited!

Waterseal said...

I visited your blog for the first time and just been your fan. Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love your blog :)

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