Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A couple

I (we) recently invested in an Ipad...and I have to tell you I really really LOVE It. It will keep me busy for 8 weeks or so for sure!! I am still learning but as far as keeping up with everything it is GREAT!!! I can't seem to nap when Saylor naps during the day so an Ipad comes in handy. I know they say Nap when the baby Naps...but I can't do it?? By the time I am up and going...I am just UP for the day. I take my time doing my chores around the house and just spend as much time with Saylor as I can. She is a VERY Good baby....knock on wood. I am ONLY swaddling her at night trying to get her to understand when its "night time". She will sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours at a time at nap and eats and goes right back to bed. Woohoo..I mean she is only 12 days old. Cant' ask for anything better. She is a formula baby (for many reason..some beyound my control and I will not explain) so she is drinking 4 ounces at a time. During the day she was having some fussy times.....crying and crying in PAIN so I switched to a gentle ease formula about 24 hours ago and I have my fingers crossed that it WORKS. Man, if this formula works she would be the perfect baby!! Not that Tucker was a bad baby, because he wasn't...but he was allergic to milk and was sickly so she was tough!!!

Tucker is going to daycare during the day to keep a schedule and I am still not supposed to lift him. Thanks to my mom and my mother in law...they are BOTH SAINTS to me....for taking him to daycare every day and picking him up so we dont' have to leave the house. Also I am not supposed to drive :(. Tucker is such a GREAT big brother...he is loving, caring and soo soo easy with her. We are lucky for this...there is enough LOVE to go around so why wouldn't he be right??

I will try to update more and more..I can't believe its been almost 2 weeks since I had a beautiful little girl. Wowzers...soo soo blessed.

I am still trying to fiqure out how to get pics off my ipad onto my blog...ANY help will be welcomed...