Thursday, January 12, 2012

My delievery: Saylor Kate

I wanted to write a post bout my delivery with Saylor Kate before I forget. I wrote all about Tucker's so documenting it is important. I don't think it matters HOW many time you deliever its always scary and nerve racking. I was a nervous wreck the night before I was scheduled with Saylor Kate (C section again). I was pacing the floors and triple checking my bags, her bags and lets not forget I had another little one to pack because Tucker would be staying with grandparents for 2 nights.

So after checking in that morning the started an IV and I just waited for my amazing doctor to arrive and we were off to the surgery room. I walked TO the room and jumped right on the surgery table almost in tears because I was so nervous!!!!! Well much to my suprise everything went perfect. All the doctors were excellent and calmed me down. This time my C section was a breeze, I hadn't labored at all and the drugs were great. I didn't feel hardly anything at all. Within 15 minutes Saylor was out and crying. Nate was amazing and watching the WHOLE surgery. He is crazy like that. He enjoys those kind of things. My doctor was sooo awesome that she never used staples only stitches so i could go home the next evening!!!! She took her time with me and it paid off!! I spent an hour in recovery still never feeling any pain

The recovery with this c section has been much better as well. I am 12 days out and feel great. And little miss Saylor is kinda the perfect baby. She is sleeping awesome and eating awesome. I am just beyound thankful for everything. I plan on being off work at least another 2 months and I am soaking up this time for sure

Oh and i will post pics next post I PROMISE