Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My mind is everywhere...I mean everywhere.  For the last three days I have LEFT my phone on top of my car when I pulled out in the mornings. 3 DAYS people! I mean if it happens once, totally understandable....twice, laughable, but 3 damn times is just outta control. I feel like I play with kids, clean up kids, feed kids, sneak a bite for myself, then the hubs ask for super and I slap him (ok I don't hit him that HARD), and then try to clean a room, do laundry and prepare for the next day while I load kids and leave my phone on my car. Rinse and repeat....

And then Friday rolls around and our schedule gets even fuller and we have some place to be before we even get home from our first place to be. BUT then if I am sitting at home...I am bored. You can't win for losing I guess :)
Friday we took our cowboy Tucker to the Rodeo. I remember going to the rodeo 5-9 years ago and you could find me at the beer stand not paying a bit of attention to what was going on,Hell they could have been doing gymnastics and I would have said "what a great rodeo". But oh sweet life gets better and better...and we actually sat through the WHOLE rodeo because our 2 year old knows more about it than most adults. He loved it....just in awe of the whole thing :) Kodak moments!!!

This weekend I did shut my eyes for 1 hour...ONE whole hour and napped with Saylor on my chest...it was like the Angels sang. Tucker is getting bigger and wants to go everywhere with daddy..which leaves me and SK alone..and she likes to nap :)

This post is all over the place..did I mention

I ordered a planner for my life yesterday online. I can NOT for the life of me use my planner on my phone. I am an "old soul" and need to write things down. If you don't know what "old soul" is ask my memaw....I am pretty sure our pic is in the dictionary with those words. So hopefully I can get my chaos under control soon.

I can't believe its the middle of August. I can't believe its 80 degrees either. I am NOT done with my pool or my tan so it can heat back up anytime. yes, I love fall..just not in AUGUST!!!!

My kids are really already almost 3 and 71/2 months...NUTSO!! and YES I am already planning 2 bdays in my head. Thats why I need a planner..duh

AND I am already scouting halloween costumes. Although, Tucker is scared of his own foot right now, so not sure how that will go??? ANY Suggestions....good gosh its crazy

I need to drink more water..any takers. I was RAISED on Sweet tea and water just isnt the same. Maybe I will put that in my planner..drink more water

Guess who is 30 in like 3 weeks. Yep..this girl. Man, I should have wrote a letter to myself of all the stuff I was going to do by 30 so I could laugh at it now...lol! My biggest worry at 30 is if I should have a co-ed party...and all girls trip...or a girl/guys trip ??

I will be back to blog by the end of this week..promise...I am putting in my planner (just as soon as it gets delivered)
(clowns really scare the crap outta me,....i was standing wwaaaaay back)


Amy said...

Clowns are evil :)

Busy busy! I demand more pictures of the kids!

On the water thing? I drink a crapload now but hated it once and the more you drink the more you like it :)

Anonymous said...

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