Thursday, August 16, 2012


I love me some history....not just any history, but my OWN family history.

The husband and I disagree on this.....most of the time he could care less to learn about our grandmothers and their grandmothers before them. IN his head, he wants to make his own history and hope people want to talk about him one day.

Yes, I hope to raise the type of family and live the life my ancestors want to talk about but as far as right now....I want to learn about my own family.

I like mementos around my house that I can look at and think " that was my great grandmothers". I like memories....and I want these things to pass down to my kiddos. ITS just a very important thing to me

I am SUPER DUPER lucky to have all 4...YES ALL 4 of my grandparents still living. I even remember 2 of my great grandfathers. My children have the privilege of knowing their great grandparents too. I just think that is the coolest thing ever. (nate still has 2 grandmothers living as well....we are blessed). I snap up as many pictures of my kiddos with their greats any chance I get. The truth is...myself and my kids see my grandparents/their greats at least once a week. I think that is something spectacular. I mean really....that is truly a BLESSING right??

So anytime I am around my grandparents or aunts and uncles, I am quizzing them. I am asking questions constantly, because in my eyes....THESE are the people who shaped us. And the one thing I strive to do like the women before me is COOK. Oh My word grandmother can have NOTHING in her cabinets and whip up something great. I have seen her make homemade biscuits in 3 minutes flat. Oh, and when we visit..she can whip up a HOMEMADE cake and icing like its her career. This to amazing. We have been sucked into the fast food/convenient food era. Now, dont' get me wrong...I partake in LOTS of easy/fast things for me and my family, because I still work 44 hours a week BUT I want to know if I have time I can whip up something fantastic.
So I have tried a couple of recipes of my grandmothers lately, and while they are all great....they are nothing like hers. BUT its a work in progress....ROME wasn't built in a day people!!!

So here is the deal.....I am going to show ya'll some recipes. Please bare with me while I do this....but I am going to try to cook like my grandma's ONE night a week.( or once every 2 weeks) And when I say cook, I mean some good ol' southern soul food ya'll. I mean I came from a family RAISED on fried foods, homemade pies and sweet tea. AND try to not gain 20lbs in doing so, so here is to dieting and cooking soul food???!!!!! So I might be running a lot too :)
But thats the my eyes its not the fried foods killing us...its the LACK of activity..and where I come from...we still hall hay and work in the heat on the farm. it goes to making memories :) (oh, and starting next week)

Any request for my first grandma meal????

No post is complete without these 2 loves of my life

 Shoe shopping with mom in Target!!!
Look at this miss thing...I mean, I can't get over HER!!!!!
(oh and speaking of history.....Sayler(spelled different)Dirnberger was the first of my husbands family to settle in our parts) Oh freakin cook is that right??


VeeRod0202 said...

Grandma's always have such awesome cooking huh? The pictures were gorgeous! What a doll! :)

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