Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Heres to 30!!!

So I haven't been much a chief here lately,......which means I haven't even TRIED on recipe out of my grandmothers collection. BUT this should all change soon.

September brings some important dates with it...one being the big "Dirty 30" for ME!!! How did I get to be  30???  Well iinstead of being a Debbie Downer about turning 30, I am embracing it. I mean I have 2 adorable kids, a great husband, super family and friends, a great job.....my life is going GREAT!!! So I am going to party likes is 1982, but along with having a big fun bash and some great family time....I am going to complete 30 random acts of kindness. I have seen these on pintrest and blogs lately, and I first thought I shouldn't copy those ideas. Then something hit me in the head and said EVERYONE should copy random acts of kindness...we should practice these daily...everyone should WANT to be better. So I told myself...I said self "we are sooooo doing this!" I forgot how lucky and blessed I am and I hope by doing random acts of kindness I will be grateful for what I have and be a better person!!

So here is the list I have came up with!!! AND with some of these...I am getting my kids involved. It will be learning lesson for Tucker, I want him to see how being nice is a  GREAT thing!!!

30 Random Acts of Kindness:

1. Gifts for the mailman/women: I do this at XMas, but should do it more

2. Deliver cookies to volunteers: ex: Firefighters, cops, etc.

3. Flowers or cookies to assisted living: preferably Veterans Home

4. Random flowers to the hospital, in random patients rooms.

5. A couple stuffed animals for pediatric unit of hospital

6. Change left on vending machines

7. Donate books/ toys to shelters

8. Donate clothing to shelters

9. Call a food pantry and deliver groceries

10. Collect random carts in a parking lot

11. Deliver bags of snacks to a park area and hand out to kids

12. Take dog food to the local Human Society

13. Some Type of extra tip for a waitress

14. Mailed special notes and gifts (gift cards) to friends. Thank them for just being them 

15. Pick up trash at the local park

16. Kill people with kindness for one whole day…smiles all around and “How are you today”

17. Pay for someone’s fast food behind you in line

18. Let people in line ahead at the grocery store, etc.

19. Send cards to my loved ones…reminding them how much we appreciate them

20. Visit family…bring a treat for them

21. Gather money for a charity (march of dimes)

22. Buy an extra lotto ticket and hand out

23. Tell 3 people how nice they look

24. Special treats for the daycare..just because

25. Random notes on people’s car with candy/fruit

26. Make lunch for co-workers

27. Open doors for Strangers…everywhere we go for one day

28. Invite a family over for dinner

29. Say “I Love you” more

30. Embrace the world a better person…

I have the whole month of September to complete these..and I will take pics and document most of them. I am printing my list now....Here's to 30!!!!

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Jin said...

That is so super, but you goofball- NOT random!!! Planned Acts of Kindness from the girl with an organized junk drawer....

Hey, I got internet AND a computer.