Monday, April 21, 2008

Everything turned out great!!!

Everyone enjoying appetizers

Here is the everyone that was served
My weekend went by way too fast!!!! This weekend was the Prom dinner my mom and I hosted at her house for 45 kids!! Yes 45 I said...It all turned out as planned. Friday night we decorated and got a little tipsy on wine and Saturday we wrapped up the decorating and hosted dinner. We had appetizer, steak, pot, greenbeans, salad, rolls and cheesecake for dessert. The horse and Carriage came to take the kids to prom. It was something I would have loved for someone to do for me for my prom, so I am glad we did it and it all turned out :) Here are some pics!!!
Table's set up in the sunroom

More table decorations in the sunroom

Centerpieces and wine glasses
Outside decorations and Klayton. This is where appetizers and dessert was served

The servers and Klayton

The Horse and Carriage bringing them to dinner and taking them to Prom
There are LOTS More pictures on my myspace page! Go check them out :)
Sunday brought a day of relaxtion after this long weekend. This week I am doing my spring cleaning.... a couple rooms each night and from here on out it is focusing on March of Dimes!!

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Jin said...

Karaaa! If Luhr won't be able to work around your schedule- I have the perfect job for you... You could be a party planner! Just think how many people want to throw great parties, but maybe can't afford "professionals..." Themed birthday parties, prom parties, you could even decorate for receptions...