Friday, April 4, 2008

Have a great weekend!!!

This week has not slowed down one bit!!!!! I am still busy busy with everything :) Today I added to my excitement too. I started selling on Ebay! I have all these purses and clothes with tags lying around that I have to get rid of. I didnt' want to just give them away at a yard sale so I thought I would try Ebay. I put everything on there today to start it off and I will let everyone know how it goes. I am sure I will find more things but I listed 8 or so items today and I hope they sell. This is also a great way to make extra cash. Since I sit here all day anyways at my computer, I might as well make some extra money!!!! This is all part of my organizing I have been trying to do lately. I fiqured getting things outta of the way is a great way to start organizing! This weekend we will stay busy with taking orders for March of Dimes shirts and collecting money and also trying to stay on top of the prom dinner. We also have a wedding to go to on Saturday so hopefully we can find some down time in all of this
I will stop taking orders for shirts sometime next week, so make sure you get yours in on time. I will also try to get my weekly dinner schedule up next week!!! The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend so I would love to be outside enjoying it. Surely I can squeeze that in!!!
Oh and I am getting a new nephew in July/August. My brother and sister in law Jin weren't going to find out what they were having, but they did anyways. The have Kailee, Liam and another boy on the way(the kids in all my pictures). So excited...she is a blogger too and her address is on my page! Check it out. Have to cut this short b/c I get off half a day today and have so much running around to do. Have a great weekend!

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Nicole said...

Ok, the Stephens family needs a childs medium tee OR an extra small adult, an adult small and an adult extra large.