Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Prom, Marching and working out!

This is how I want my prom talbes to looks...well not exactly but elegant like this! Anyone have ideas? Lots of candles too!!!!!!!!

Last nights Liasophia jewelry party went as planned, small group, some food and jewelry buying. Every girl needs a new piece of jewelry!!! This week is full of me trying to oranize some events. I have made notebooks and binders full of paper work and to do list. My youngest brother is having his senior prom in a couple weeks and my mom volunteered to host a prom dinner at her house for 30 or so seniors. We might have got in over our head since I am in charge of running everything. We are going ot decorate her sunroom as elegant as we can. This means table clothes, center pieces, fine china and servers. We are serving appetizers, steak, pots, salad and dessert. My job is organizing it all and decorating. We were going to use round tables but now with the amount of kids were are using all long tables. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I think I can pull it off with organization and lots of extra hands. We will decorate the night before, the guys are bbqing the steaks and other senior moms are helpling to make the food! I am trying to make it as elegant as I can so it feels like they are not in Oran, but at some fancy restuarnt. Since the Prom is in Oran only a block from my mom and dad's house, the horse and carriage are also coming to big up the kids to take them to prom. I will post pics after prom for everyone to see my work!!!!

On top off the prom dinner, I am also working on my march of dimes fundraising. I am working on getting tee-shirts made really cheap or hopefully donated for free that say "Kailee's team" on the front and March of Dimes on the back. Refer to my blog "March of Dimes" I am selling them for $10.00-$15.00 dollars and all proceeds go to March of Dimes. I am looking for team leaders also to help me raise money. As a team leader , you would be responsable for raising 100.00-200.00 dollars. The walk is May 8th and I posted a blog earlier all about March of Dimes. If anyone is interested in a tee-shirt, to be a team leader, or just to donate or walk that day let me know. I will post pictures later of the tee-shirt design. I hope people are interested in helping!!!

On top of all this I have to get back to the gym. WE are building a deck soon for our pool we put up last year. This makes me eager to know I have to get back in shape and back to the gym. I have been slacking!! I think a work out partener would make this easier on me...anyone interested.


Jin said...

I wish I was there NOW. To help with the prom dinner -that would be so much fun! Maybe I can help from afar... I'm really bored since I don't have a school board to fight with anymore!
If you still need a work out buddy in July, how about a fat sister in law!? I'll really need it then!

Teisha said...

Bring it on! I've been trying to workout myself. But I've been slacking too. Come join me at Benton. Maybe we can inspire each other to get on a regular workout schedule :)