Monday, April 7, 2008

I am not sure if I even spread the good news about my sister in law and niece and nephew moving back to Missouri. Well if you have read any of my blogs or seen any of my pictures then you know that my brother took a job with a company that makes him travel. Well when Kraig (brother) took that job he took with him My sister in law Jin, my niece Kailee and Liam. Well the good news is that Jin and the babies are moving back to Missouri. Kailee wasn't getting all the assistance she needed where they were living so here they come back. Not to mention that their is a little boy on the way too. So one more nephew for me!!!! So here comes Jin, baby in belly, Kailee and Liam all back to Missouri in June or July!! Me and my family are so excited!! I know Kraig will really really miss all of them, but he can come visit hopefully very often! It will be hard for them all to be away, but they will make it!!!

Anyways...nothing else exciting this Monday. I still have tons of stuff on my to do list for Prom and March of Dimes. It will get to me before long. This week so far doesn't have many plans, but that is all soon to change I am sure. I will keep you updatedHere is my menu planning for this week, it is a little unoraginized but at least its a start
Monday- One of Nathan's favorite.....sauerkraut and sausage with mashed potato. I am not a fan of this meal so I am sure I will just eat a sandwhich

Tuesday- A crock pot soup. I know this is cheating, but I but crock pot sensations and let it cook all day. It can't be that bad for you can it???

Wednesday- Stuffed shells with fetticunni sauce. This is a great meal, stole the idea from a frined:) The shells are stuffed with cheese and sausage.

Thursday-grilled chicken breast (we are hoping for warm weather) with vegetables!!!This list isn't the healthest or most organized, but we have to eat up the food we have already before I can do better!!!Until next time

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