Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am at work

I thought maybe I would be taking a road trip today to Springfield.....well that didn't work out :( The plan was to head to Springfield to watch a little Oran baseball. The ball team lost yesterday so they didn't make it to the championship but are playing for 3rd place today. We decided not to take the road trip but I a supporting them here at home!!! I have listened to most of their games and today I am listening to them play for 3rd in state. Good Luck Eagles and we all hope you bring home that 3rd place trophy!!!!!
Nothing exciting this week in my world. We are working on planning a weekend getaway very soon. We are wanting to go to Tunica on a Thursday night and then make the travel to Nashville, Tn. This trip will probally be the last weekend of June, but it will give us some time to shop, eat, site see and of course hit up the downtown nashville area with drinks and music!!! We are excited about this trip although its not compareable to our vacation last year to the beach. We like to take several weekend get a ways to make up for a full week off. We take one or two days off and then the weekend to make it a three or four day vacation!!! We plan to do this a couple times this summer so we get to experience more than one destination. We picked Nashville b/c its close (with gas prices) and actually has a lot more to offer than most would think. We are unsure of where our next vacation will be this summer but we would LOVE to go to Vegas for a four day trip also( Maybe a one year anniversary present to us) !!! We will get this first one outta the way and plan from there
This weekend is busy as usual. Saturday we have a cousin getting married so that is an all day occasion. Sunday maybe a little pool time and then a big birthday celebration that afternoon. Friday night is still up in the air, but I would love love to go see the new "Sex and the City Movie" if anyone is interested??? Let me know! I am addicted to "Sex and the City", I watched all the episodes and watch reruns all the time. I was sad to see it end but can't wait to find out what the movie brings!!
Tomorrow is FRiday already!!! If I don't blog tomorrow have a great weekend!!!!

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Nicole said...

Kara!! Check out my blog, we are getting an addition to our family! :-p

What time were you wanting to go see SATC? I wonder how crowded it will be? I know James will not want to go see it with me and it's not like I could take Lil' Bit.