Friday, October 3, 2008

We are off to the weekend!!

This week has been something else....TGIF!!!! Tonight I have a dinner/movie date and Nathan is not going. Me and my sister in law are going to dinner when I get off work and then we are going to catch a chick flick. Hubby is not much of a movie going person at all therefore I never get to see the good movies, so I thought I can't always miss out so I will just date someone else for a night :) We have talked about see "The Women" but nothing is finalized yet. I need a break, just because I need a break and she might need a break from those adorable three children.

Saturday I will put in a half days work and then I have another date. No this one is not with Nathan either. My Bestest friend Hannah and I are doing lunch and some light shopping. This will be our first outting since she had adorbale baby Porter! We are both super excited about this date because it has been far too long. We are used to seeing each other pretty often and hanging out just as much, so Porter will stay at home and it will just be us girls:) Finally Saturday night me and Nate will have some date time if we wish...and of course we enjoy spending Sunday's together!!! I have some homework to get done and maybe wash my car but other than that Sunday will be spent watching some Colts Football!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend

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