Monday, October 27, 2008

weekend Recap

I feel like Saturday Night Live giving the weekend recap, but dont' get excited mine wont be as funny. Most of you know it was wedding weekend for me and all my favorite people. Two amazing people got married this Saturday and a blast was had by all......I wont post all my pics but just give you a little insight
Here is mself, the bride and my best bud Hannah. Lindsey was such a beautiful bride and glowed all day! Everything went exactly as planned and the day itself was awesome!
And this hunk, well he is our best friend! Take a good look because he might not ever get so dressed up for us again!
Here we are at snapping some pics with our flowers and our Natural light cans!
This picture is a classic, in highschool we were the "Starting 5" (get it, basketball team starting 5) anyways we were all bestfriend and we were all reunited on this night! WE had such a great time and I wish we could get together everyday!!!!!!!!! I already miss them :(
Now...this picture is worth a thousand words. Of course in the front row is the starting 5 Girls, and in the back row is the starting 5 boys. If it was Friday or Saturday night in Highschool you could expect to see all 10 of us together and having a blast. This is the first time we have all been together in years and man it felt good. Some people called the 10 of us a "clique" and well I am ok with that because here is the Clique!

By the end of the night the Vodka and beer had kicked in. We were the last ones to leave and here we are dressed up with wedding decor! A classic bathroom picture is just what we needed!! Gosh, I can't believe the night was over but I know I had fun because my head was killing me the next morning :)

Tonight is Monday night football: Colts vs. the undefeated Titans = wings and beer! A group from work and some others are celebrating this game and giving ourself a Monday night out!! Woohoo! I have my "Manning" jersey on and can't wait for game time!


Sweet Simplicity said...

It looks like a fun weekend! I'm glad you had a great time!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Looks like you all had so much fun. It's the best reuniting with your old friends. It always seems as if nothing has changed.

Hannah said...

I had the BEST time with you guys! I can't wait to get all my pictures back, and to see the one the photographer took of us kissing Garrett..haha! Love ya!