Thursday, December 4, 2008

I lied!

I lied and I am so sorry for this, but I did not take pictures of my house decorated for christmas last night. I know, I know, everyone got up bright and early and headed over to my blog to only be disappointed...well maybe not, but I was disappointed in myself. It has been a long week already(family illnesses) and the weekend is not even here. So, I am making all of you a promise and here it goes: I promise to post pictures of my Christmas decorations tomorrow or you can all stop reading my blog for good !!!!(please don't really do this). I have decorated every room in the house so be cautious because tomorrow's blog will be long and full of Christmas cheer.
So since I don't have pictures of my house I have to let you in on a Christmas story....My sister will love this story because she remembers it well and retells it way too much! We were all at my mom's house one evening I would say 3 years ago. Everyone was in her living room (me, mom, my brothers, my sister and my sister's mother was here to visit) and we were all watching Fear Factor..remember that show, really bad! Since it was around Christmas time the contestants on the show were going to eat Reindeer testicals. Gross I know but this is important to my post I promise. Well, I didn't understand at all.

Me: "Reindeer testicals, they can't really be eating reindeer testicals"
Brother: "Well they are eating them....why couldn't they"
Me: "Because Reindeer aren't real?"
Brother: "What do you mean Reindeer aren't real"
Me: "Well I always thought Reindeer are fake just like Santa is not a real person, I thought they were made up and didn't really exist"
Everyone cracking up laughing
Brother: "Are you being serious?"
Me: "Yes, (wondering why this was such a big deal) I never knew they were real."
Brother: "OMG, you are dumber than what we thought of course Reindeer are real animals..."
Everyone still laughing at me
Me: "Well they don't really fly then"

This comment really topped the cake, if I would have just kept my mouth shut and not said "Well, I know they don't fly". This has been the joke of all jokes for years and years. I know I am blonde but seriously I had never seen a reindeer so I always thought that was a lie just like Santa was a lie for years and years. I am often laughed at for silly comments but this story is told to someone at least once a year at Christmas and I guess I will never let that down.


Lindsey said...

HAHAHA! You crack me up!

Sweet Simplicity said...

How FUNNY!! Don't you hate when things like this happen. At least they make for good stories!

Jennifer said...

I forgive you for not having pics posted yet but only because the conversation you had with your brother made me laugh!! I can't wait to see pics!!

Michele said...

OMG!!! That is so hilarious!!! I am laughing so hard right now!!!