Friday, December 19, 2008

Its a time for traditions and awards!!!

Jennifer over at This Girl loves Pink, is such a sweetheart as well as The NewlyWoodards both tagged me in a couple awards and I will gladly except! First:

Jennifer gave me this to hang on my wall

I are thinking what? Kreativ Blogger? Well I got it anyways so I will tag everyone later. Thanks for always commenting Jennifer and I always enjoy a good post from you!

Now moving on, This wonderful blog chain is so much fun! Christmas Traditions are really important to me and I am excited to start more with my husband.

So the rules are pretty simple, list all or your favorite Christmas traditions or ones you want to start!

1. Christmas morning we still all got to my parents very early in the morning and open gifts from "Santa" like we always have. This means me and my hubby, the little bro, my big bro, SIL and all the grandkids are at my parents house around 7:00 to open presents. It still sooo much fun! Mom makes a big breakfast and everyone is still in their p.j.s! Now this means me and hubby either open Christmas eve or early early Christmas morning

2. My siblings and I still unwrap one present only on Christmas eve....this is alway a board game for the family

3. I start baking Christmas Candy the week before Christmas so I can get it all made

4. My mom has made the same Christmas breakfast for as long as I can remember, only now it is doubled and trippled to feed our growing family. Breakfast Quiche

5. We watch "The Christmas Story" starting Christmas eve and all day on Christmas

6. Christmas eve is always celebrated with 40 people or so from my Grandma's family. It always has been and always will be!

7. Often times mom gives our pets presents

8. This year I am starting something new, on Christmas eve morning since Husband and I are usually working till 12 I am making him and myself Christmas eve breakfast!!!! I am starting it this year and this can be "our time" to spend all alone!

9. Our Christmas church time is 4:00 p.m on Christmas eve

10. We always get a new ornament every year with our names and year on it....usually our dog Macey has one too.

Ok I need to stop because it is getting way too long! Here we go with the tags:

My SIL...Single life of a married mother

Glam life of a (soontobe) housewife: You will fall in love with this girl once you read her blog

Natalie! You have got to see photo's of her sweet baby boy

Hannah My BFF..She has a great big ol huge family and I know she has tons of traditions

Learning to be a wife! She is fun, cute and always leaves great comments!

Good Friends, family and well everything else! She is become a fellow reader I very much enjoy her updates

Lindsey!!!! what a great girl, I know you have traditions!

Teisha, Ashley, Michelle, April and I know Alaina is already tagged but come on..let me in on your great traditions!


Mika said...

I am feeling a little lonely this morning... =)

Sweet Simplicity said...

Thanks for the tag! I will have to do this next week in honor of christmas!

Natalie said...

Ah, thank you!! So I love the idea of Christmas Eve breakfast ... too cute. I didn't rule out the idea of another baby, so maybe you should stay tuned ...

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Merry Christmas.

Mika said...

We do need to catch up!! You still know me! I am the same, just a lot happier!!! ha. I'm moving to STL, so there is an excuse to get up there and shop!!

Kim & Ryan said...

Great traditions. You have tons of fun ones. =)