Friday, December 5, 2008

It's the best time of the year

So I snapped some pictures of my house decorated for Christmas this morning, I will have you know I was actually a little late to work because I couldnt' decide what decorations to take pictures of?? This is just the inside of the house and only a sneak peak. I got a little crazy this year and did some massive decorating....every room has Christmas cheer spread within. I mean you have to decorate every year if you are having a party right?? My colors have always been golds and browns, and this is mainly because the Hubby loves to hunt and we have wildlife throughout our house. So enough yacking here are some

Here are my place settings! These plates came from Target and you can't tell but have lots of gold in them

I got this idea from the best Martha Stewart!!! Little wreaths on every dinning room chair tied up with gold wribbon. My center piece was purchased this year just happens to match all the gold already in the kitchen!

This wreath is a new addition this year. I love has all my colors and matches my tree! This hangs in my living room to match all the wildlife haning too :)

I have been super nervous to show my tree...the hubby thinks its a little too much but I like that its different! AS you can see there is some great wildlife hanging there beside it so why not dress it up in feathers

Here are a couple more close ups and now that I look at pics I think I need a couple more oranments

One more close up...I love the little birdies

This Santa was my purchase at the craft fair. He hangs out with me in my living room and the garland lights up!
Off to the bedroom, The garland on our bed Nathan actually likes! Its maybe romantic!!! The candle and stars I put together to set in our master bathroom

I could load pictures all day but I don't want to bore you!!! Here are just a couple of sneak peaks to what I have been up to this week decorating! Like I said I have every room decorated for the party, so as I snap pictures on Sunday hopefully I will catch some more decor!

So how is the tree.....too much like Hubby said with the feather or not?


Anonymous said...

I love it!! I think your hubby is wrong. I love the feathers, such a unique touch. And I'm totally jealous of your dining room table with the wreaths on each chair!

April said...

Okay I just got back to work but I still dont have pics!! I know I am the WORST blogger friend EVER! ha I got home yesterday to find that Kacie now has pink eye in her other eye too so I had to do that and then I sat down for a minute to take a break and THAT WAS THAT! BUt here it goes, I PROMISE you that I will post them on Monday (since I dont have a computer at home) and if I dont you dont ever have to talk with me again cuz I will be ashamed! ;) I took one pic yesterday and that was it so I really cant just put up one.....that would just be mean! I really like your decorations though and that Santa is soo cute. Our bedroom is the only room that I cant decorate and it drives me nuts but its because it isnt done, it is literally just our bed and clothes in there still! haha We have been focusing so much on the rest of the house that we just put it off til last and this time of year is crazy so we will see. Again I am sorry so hit me up on Monday........PLEASE?!?!?!?!

Lindsey said...

Love it!!

Kim & Ryan said...

I really love it. I love the feathers. It's totally fabulous. And, I saw the wreaths in Martha, too. I love them. I'm pretty sure my dogs would rip them to pieces. We are already having a tough time keeping them away from the ornaments.

Jin said...

Congratulations on the craziest tree topper I've ever seen! It fits though. Your plates look great and I love the chair wreathes. I can't wait to see it all in person!

Jennifer said...

I love it too!! Great job!! The garland over the headboard is my favorite!!

Natalie said...

the the wreaths on the back of the chairs! great idea!

An Atlanta Bride said...

Love the place settings!

Michele said...

Fabulous! I love it all! I am so glad you are enjoying the holidays, I enjoy every moment.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Your decor is beautiful!! And guess what?! I totally have those brown and gold target plates!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha!