Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Its the little things

  • The Sun is shining today
  • I laid by the pool on Sunday and caught some relaxing rays
  • Quality Family time on Saturday and Sunday
  • Nate always rubbing my tummy
  • Feeling "butterfly like" motions of the baby boy kicking
  • Finding out a friend of mine is having a boy also!! Yaaah Jenny!
  • Picking out baby names..Nothing is certain though
  • Buying a new wardrobe b/c my old one is too small
  • Family reunion this weekend and making it fun
  • Emails from my sister in law EVERY day!
  • A great friend to work with
  • Target!!!
  • Having all my laundry done
  • Dreaming of a new car
  • Having a baby bump
  • Nate and I falling in love more over this baby boy
  • Sitting outside in the evening time
  • BBQ's
  • Chatting with great friends
  • Text messages


Mika said...

I am in desperate need of an updated pic of the bump. Thanks.

Jenny.Lee said...

I completely agree.

April said...

This was a very cute and sweet post! I have to agree, another pic would be nice. Also, what are some of the names you guys are considering?

Lindsey said...

Aww great post!!!

Alicia said...

Love this post, it definitely is the little things!

Kim said...

Those sound like big things to me. =)

Jin said...

What a great post Kara! I love the husband rubbing the belly, and that you two are falling more and more in love with this baby boy on the way.

I am so excited for the two of you to become a family- I know this is mushy, but it is such an amazing time and I am so happy that you two are there!