Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Unloading my Camera

My camera seems to be full of pics...and I never upload them. Today as I was flipping through some pics I noticed my family reunion pictures. Oh what a great day. It was my mother's side of the family, and although most family reunions aren't "fun" we were determined to have a great time...and we did!!!

My immediate family is competitive. We like sports but mainly we like to always win. We can't help it? No matter if its boardgames, volleyball or ice skating we always try to win. So when I knew we would be playing volleyball of course we tried to stack the team. So with me, my younger brother, the hubs, the sister in law and some other cousins...we were unstoppable. Oh wait..or maybe because were playing our aunts who were twice our age.?? Either way we were good. Lets get to the pictures. ( Also, I know my aunts read this blog and they will be so embarrassed..hehe) Here's the aunts team.

Whats funny about this picture is they all really look like they are going to hit the ball but I am pretty sure it went between all of them
Here we go again...good try ladies
Aunt Deb this one is for you. I wont tell the story of how you fell to the ground in pain after 15 minutes of playing Volleyball. I wouldn't never tell that story because it might embarrass you? Here is some of the "A" Team

Here is the back of my sister in law Jin (after 8 or so glasses of wine..whos counting?) hah

I am over there in my jeans about to roast b/c its 100 degrees

My cousin Lauren serving the ball....

Here is a full court shot. Yes we measured out the boundaries and made sure the net was legal size...did I mention we were competitive.

This is how we all looked at the end of the day. Here is my little brother Klayton (also know to his nephews as uncle Skoobie...yes his nickname is Skoobie because we swear he is brought back from the 60's. He is a hippy child) Klayton's girlfriend Taylor, My nephew Liam on the left and nephew Cooper on the right. (no those are not their children).

All in all it was a successful reunion. No more getting your cheeks pinched or sitting around listening to story's of walking up hills both ways in the snow.

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Jin said...

You were just jealous that I could drink that much wine, and you CAN'T!!! Hahahaha. I was so terrible at volleyball! I hate, hate, being bad at any sport.