Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Ramblings

Right now I should have tons of things to blog about, but I can't seem to think of anything to write on here? This is the busiest and happiest times in a long time...but I think my mind is filled with so much I don't know where to start.

First off.....The nursery room is filled with a Bo-Flex machine, storage boxes, file cabinets and much much more. We need to get a move on moving things out of the room. (I can only lift some much ya know)

I would like to kinda have an idea on the nursery bedding, but I haven't found anything that I "Love" yet.

Next would be painting. I think this will take a lot of work and time so we need to clear the room, find the bedding so we can paint.

I felt baby boy kick me again last night...after I had ice cream. So I think I need to eat ice cream every night because obviously he loves it.

Also...we might need a name, baby boy just wont cut it

I crave Taco Johns, Salad and Milk. Are you grossed out yet?

I need to snap a new baby belly pic...almost 18 weeks and growing strong. Its amazing how much this belly grows through out the day.

For some reason I am tired again....I thought I was over that spell, but when I get home from working I need a nap before dinner.

Maternity swimsuits are HOT. Wait nope...not at all.

Happy Friday...and off to a good weeekend hopefully!


hopeful #1 said...

Cute post! :)

Can't wait to see how you piece together your nursery!

Amy said...

i am having the same issue with bedding, i just can't find one i love :( wah!

Amy said...

i am having the same issue with bedding, i just can't find one i love :( wah!

April said...

Girl dont go get a maternity swimsuit, stick to the bikinis you already have or get a little bigger ones! LOL I was 5.5months pregnant wearing a bikini just because i refused to buy another one and people thought it was cute for my belly to be showing and being so proud........Dylan loved it too!

Mika said...

um yes, get going on that picture of the bump!

Mrs. Zachary Evans said...


Kim said...

Yumm-O - Milk and taco johns! =)