Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer loving

Summer is one of my favorite seasons...probably my favorite! Yes Fall comes in a close second and this year since baby boy will arrive it might even cast over summer. But I need to remember the reasons I love summer...especially this summer! (These are in no particular order)

First up: The Pool!!! This is the third year for mine and hubby's pool and it was worth every penny. When its 100 degrees here in Missouri and 125 with humidty this is our saving grace

Here is Liam last year enjoying the pool

Second: Fruit...fresh fruit! Oh and don't' forget the vegetables! Anything fresh and from a garden just makes summer time that much better. I am going to try and make a peach pie (homemade) this week!

Third: Sweet Tea...this needs no explanation!
Fourth: My family is always together...but we like to spend even more time together in the summer months! Just something about being outside with family makes it that much better

Fifth: Small town picnics!!! Aren't these things the best. I am talking about corn dogs, beer stands, petting zoo's, tractor pulls, turtle races...! You see everyone, great friends and those people you try to avoid.

Sixth: Cocktails, beers, martini's....although this year mine are all non alcoholic! There isn't a better time to drink a cold drink than on a hot summer day.

Seventh: This year alone..BABY shopping! I love doing all the baby shopping and planning a new room to decorate!

Eighth: Summer vacations!! Although this year we bought a car and are having a baby in place of a big summer vacation...a little get a way is still well worth it!

Ninth: The sun staying out till 8:30. We love sitting on the patio talking about our days, and in the summer we usually are never in the house before 8:30. I hate it getting dark in the Fall before I get off work.

Tenth: There is NO hunting seasons in summer. Being married to a man who loves to hunt, this is important! I am first priority instead of ducks, deer or turkey!

There are more reason for my love of Summer Time, but I wont bore you anymore.

Why do you Love/ Not love Summer?


Anonymous said...

Summer isn't my fave season, but there is a lot I love about it - pool time, grilling out, beer (well, not this year), flip flops...

Sweet Simplicity said...

Definitely the longer days! I love them! The heat, not so much!

Alicia said...

I love summer because of boating, my hometown picnic, and laying out on the beach. BTW...you are such a cute pregnant chick! I am serious, I think I will look like a whale, lucky lady! Can't wait to hear the name you and the hubs picked!

Lindsey said...

Gotta love summer! And veggie pizza, so good!
You look so cute, your baby bump is adorable!!

Jenny.Lee said...

Right now I am not loving the triple digit mugginess that is our weather. Blah!

Bethwyn said...

I am jealous of your pool! I'd love one here. It can get up to 110 degrees and 90+% humidity, and it is NOT nice!

Jin said...

I love having Kailee all day, everyday to hang out with us (though we will be glad when she is back in school!)

Long daylight days, hanging out so much more with everybody and of course- less responsibility! You don't feel bad for sleeping late, staying up late and in our case, only going home when we need clean clothes!