Thursday, July 9, 2009

Half way There!!!

Pregnancy 101: I have a belly picture but you will have to wait till tomorrow. I know most of you will lose sleep over not seeing it but I forgot my camera! While I have no picture, I will be updating you on my pregnancy 101.

  • I am not afraid to tell you I am big. I have gained 15 lbs-16 lbs. I feel like I have gained 2685 lbs. I know everyone does different things during pregnancy and everyone gains differently. I want to look pregnant. I want strangers to ask when I am due because I have waited for this.
  • I can still wear 3 pair of my regular trouser jeans!!! I wear them low on my hips and I am sure they are stretched to the max, but yet they are still my regular jeans. I go for the maternity jeans usually though..for 2 reasons: they look like regular jeans AND they are sooooo comfortable!!! I want to wear maternity jeans the rest of my life.
  • I have stretched and stretched my shirts. I wear nothing real cute...b/c I am not spending tons of money on this belly. I buy most of my tops in large or maternity..and almost all of my shirts come from Target!!! I love Target and I love their maternity shirts
  • I eat like a pig. The doctor said that the lovenox shots make me hungry all the time and I may gain more weight. Well..I am glad she cleared that up.
  • I am OVER half way there...literally. I will be induced by 38 weeks or so because of my blood clotting condition so I am well on my way.
  • I still crave Taco Johns. I could eat it everyday. I never ever ate Taco Johns before pregnancy...pretty sure I didn't even know where it was located. Now the drive thru lady knows me by name...Pregnant girl. I think its the spicy food I enjoy..anything that is hot and spicy I enjoy.
  • I do not work out. Not at all. I am anemic so I have no energy to do anything..I barely make it off the couch at night. I even bought a maternity fit video to help me along...never been out of the package!
  • I have shopped some but not as much as I thought I would. Boys are easy and I love that!!!!!!!!
  • I still can't decide on a either a BOB jogging stroller or a Graco travel stroller with car seat??
  • The nursery. I had this preppy, modernized nursery set picked out. I guess the city girl came out. Then hubby steps in, it is a boy, and wanted something that looked more like a little boy...something that would fit the farmer in him. I think I will let him win. It is a boy. As I have been brain storming I think I can pull of the look of both city girl and country boy.
  • I will tell you the name might start with a "T". See what you can come up with? ( those who know keep your mouth closed)


Alaina @ Three Ladies and a Dad said...

Your cravings bring back memories...I would go through Taco Bell for a taco (or five) and then go through Taco John's for their potato oles....mmmmmm! I am not sure why, but I could eat that everyday for the entire 9 months.

Amy said...

spicy food--YUM! I have never been one to love it and now i do! and tomatoes...which i didn't care for before!

boys are easy!!! We might have these boys around the same time if you are induced that time and mine comes someone on time! :)

Amy said...

hey! I do feel his kicks lower, i have starte feling them around my belly button!

Jenny.Lee said...

reading this just made me that much more excited for you!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Now I'm craving tacos! Can't wait for that bump update!

hopeful #1 said...

Love this post! Cute to see how things are going and progessing for you! You never know what "typical pregnancy things" are going to come up with it as the months progress... Glad to hear you are enjoying a little taco johns... we have taco bell and I love that place! I'm sure chipotle would be a problem too, if you had that! :)

Can't wait to hear the name too! Starts with a "T" ... I don't know... just tell us!

Michele said...

hmmm...starts with a T...must be Taco John!